Commentary - Close Enough To Touch

1. Upon My Love
Close Enough To Touch
Don't Touch Me (slow)
Alone In The Rain
Somewhere In The Distance
Summer Wind (re-mastered)
The Shadow Of A Knife
Under The Tropic Moon
Tam Lin
Whether We Live Or Die (soft)
Matty Groves (re-mastered)
Night Of Distant Echoes (tremolo)
The Somerset Mare (re-mastered)

Close Enough To Touch

I was once in love with a beautiful young movie actress – let us call her “Lady McCann”.  Petit; Blonde hair sheening like raw silk; Eyes a deeper blue than an October twilight; Delicate Celtic features; Soft feminine voice, and the fine manners of an English Lady of ages long gone by – such was Lady McCann.  She was just what I’d waited for, through the interminable years… and she liked me too. 

We began to see each other.  However, she was actually in love with an old friend – and ran to him when he wanted to marry her too.  No secrets, she had told me about him from the start – so it was no surprise to me, and I approved.  I even went to their wedding – quite lovely.  They were a good match, and have done well together over the long years since. 

Kudos, my Lady! 

‘Still… I cried, for a long time.  It was another four terrible years, before I found my wife – and, by then, I was not quite the young man that I had been. 

When we are young, we sometimes naively think that we will “choose” a lover – when, in fact, sometimes you feel like you have to beg for one, and pursue every opportunity just as soon as it presents itself.  It can be quite humiliating, and seldom produces any results anyway.  I would have begged Lady McCann – but that wouldn’t have changed anything at all, and I think I knew that, all along. 

She and I are now ‘back in touch’ with each other, and ours is a fine relationship of close friends, not lovers – as I’d once hoped for.  We’ve both done well, with fine mates that we love – and with whom we will always stay.  So “all’s well, that ends well”. 

…and I got this lovely song out of it, too! 

Roses thrive upon ashes. 

But sometimes… I still remember the fabulous young Lady McCann that I wanted to marry – like a specter, forlorn upon the citadel of my reason, moving within the halls of my memories, haunting my heart, at times so very close by…seemingly, close enough to touch.

Don’t Touch Me

That incredibly beautiful girl… 

You’ve seen her everywhere: movies, magazine ads, commercials, TV shows.  And, you wish you could have a girl like her! 

But, take care what you ask for… 

She’s more screwed-up than you could possibly imagine! 

Alone In The Rain

Teresa C. was a wonderful young single mother.  Green-eyed and fair, with waving fiery copper hair – the very color of a brand new penny – she turned heads almost everywhere we went.  I hoped that she would be the one for me.  She wished the same – and that I might be a father to her wonderful little eight-year-old girl.  I loved the idea! 

But, in the end, I turned her away in favor of another.  She soon married another man – a good one – and she was happy.  However, that I should hurt and disappoint someone so childlike, so innocent and sincere, has haunted me for the passed twenty years… 

…and always will. 

Summer Wind 

This song is more of an “impression” than a ballad.  It reflects the united optimism of a young couple as they make their way through life, their love fueling a brighter future yet to come. 

Matty Groves

An old folk song, of marital infidelity – which seldom turns out well 

Night of Distant Echoes

Anyone with barest modicum of morality, decency and justice cannot help but be deeply disturbed by the violations of human rights, and injustices, we see paraded across our T.V. screens and computer monitors, daily, as we watch the news from near and far: Government oppression; Terrorist atrocities, where innocents are heinously murdered - in the name of God no less; The brutalities of “push-button” warfare, where enemy foreigners die under the hand of technocrats using the most advanced weapons deficit spending can buy – weapons that, cleanly and conveniently, never require the killer to see the agony upon the face of his victims – or even know whether they were old or young; man, woman or child.  

Even the United States of America, which has long claimed to be a virtuous proponent of human dignity - even the dignity of an enemy, where possible - has now earned an international reputation for the brutal torture and degradation of it’s enemies in what are, essentially, concentration camps and secret prisons – akin to the infamous dungeons of medieval England - playgrounds for sadistic fiends and perverts – all state sanctioned, of course – which is supposed to make it upright and honorable… 


I feel, at times, that I’m watching this evil and insane world from afar… and wishing I could retreat to some lofty and remote crag of a mountaintop, to hide, to be isolated from it, to await the time when God brings it all to an end… lest I be tempted to try to rectify the situation myself – which would only make me another perpetrator of evil… 

…for no man’s justice is ever perfect, is it? 

And so, I will sit, atop my lonely crag… 

…and wait.

The Somerset Mare

This song is my attempt to create a song that could be mistaken for a traditional British folk song. 

Set in Medieval England, it’s about a beautiful girl who’s been turned into a fabulous horse of radiant aspect by a jealous magician.  Only half-conscious of her previous humanity, see runs among the forests of Somerset County, often pursued by hopeful peasants and rogues… and her heartbroken lover. 

The song ends with an optimistic assurance that the two will finally be united someday, since even Fate itself must yield to a love so true… 


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