Commentary - Burning Into Twilight

1. Champagne And Wedding Bands 
Burning Into Twilight 
Mary Alice 
4. And She Said… 
Come What May 
Night Of Distant Echoes
Tell Me It Was Only A Dream 
9. Into The Northern Sky 
10. Other Flesh And Bone (acoustic) 
11. Bound To Leave Me 
12. My Sweet Maureen 
The Lonely Girl (Instrumental)

Champagne and Wedding Bands

I believe in marriage – in fact, I highly recommend it over the “single” lifestyle of moving from partner to partner in a romantic travesty of the true love and security to be found in a strong marriage. When I see people jumping from bed to bed, from heart to heart, living an emotional danse macabre, and see how the rending of hopes and commitments leaves their hearts in tatters – I wonder how they can possibly survive. Sometimes, they don’t - and those who do sometimes wish that they hadn’t.

As for me…. I will always choose champagne and wedding bands.

Burning Into Twilight

This song is a celebration of life – of growing older gracefully, and sharing the experience with true friends. Throughout our life we have dreams and hopes – and build our life around their fulfillment. Foolishly, we sometimes battle with those we love. But, in the end, our love and our friendships are the finest wines we will ever partake of.

Glasses high!

Mary Alice

Mary Alice is probably the finest person I’ve ever known, and one of my oldest and very dearest friends. She has an astonishing combination of high moral courage and feminine empathy, and is also the most mature person I’ve ever known. In this world, where all are under trial, Mary Alice is proving herself truly worthy.

Mary Alice is to inherit a kingdom. No… I’m quite serious. I can think of no one better suited for such a position of power and authority than the golden-hearted and kindly Mary Alice.

I haven’t seen her in years – and miss her, terribly.

And She Said…

When looking for that very special “someone” in this life, sometimes we pass up the person who’d be the very one best for us. Why? Because we simply don’t recognize them as such. Only later, sometimes, does a dawning horror come upon us, as we begin to realize just how foolish we’ve been, and what we let slip from our grip.


This song sets a scene: A young man sits, furtively glancing across the dance floor, to a beautiful girl, who’s engaged in conversation with another potential lover. He has known her for some time, and is hopelessly in love with her. He longs for her to look across the floor – and smile at him, to accept him, to welcome him in, as her man. But… she sits, and talks to another.

I’ve been that young man, many times. And, I’ve been on the other side of the dance floor too.

Haven’t you?

Come What May

This song manifests an optimism between lovers, in a bedarkened world. ‘Together, we can overcome anything. It will all be worth it – as long as we are together!’

Night of Distant Echoes

Anyone with barest modicum of morality, decency and justice cannot help but be deeply disturbed by the violations of human rights, and injustices, we see paraded across our T.V. screens and computer monitors, daily, as we watch the news from near and far: Government oppression; Terrorist atrocities, where innocents are heinously murdered - in the name of God no less; The brutalities of “push-button” warfare, where enemy foreigners die under the hand of technocrats using the most advanced weapons deficit spending can buy – weapons that, cleanly and conveniently, never require the killer to see the agony upon the face of his victims – or even know whether they were old or young; man, woman or child.

Even the United States of America, which has long claimed to be a virtuous proponent of human dignity - even the dignity of an enemy, where possible - has now earned an international reputation for the brutal torture and degradation of it’s enemies in what are, essentially, concentration camps and secret prisons – akin to the infamous dungeons of medieval England - playgrounds for sadistic fiends and perverts – all state sanctioned, of course – which is supposed to make it upright and honorable…


I feel, at times, that I’m watching this evil and insane world from afar… and wishing I could retreat to some lofty and remote crag of a mountaintop, to hide, to be isolated from it, to await the time when God brings it all to an end… lest I be tempted to try to rectify the situation myself – which would only make me another perpetrator of evil…

…for no man’s justice is ever perfect, is it?

And so, I will sit, atop my lonely crag…

…and wait.

Tell Me It Was Only a Dream

Have you ever dreamed that your beloved mate was unfaithful to you?

I pray you don’t.

For me… my beloved walks in pools of light, through my thoughts, garments of sheerest silk floating upon the air…

But there are times… When I toss and turn in the night.

Into the Northern Sky

Have you ever been tempted to “run off” with some beautiful lover – to fly away to some place on the other side of the world? If you actually did such a thing, you may very well find yourself flying over the north pole, or very close to it – both literally and figuratively.

Other Flesh and Bone (acoustic)

Thomas Jefferson wisely observed that the history of individual governments has always been marked by an initial optimism, followed by the slow and inexorable rise of oppression by the ruling parties. The result to humanity has been a long, slow burn of misery and burdensome taxation, punctuated by violent revolution.

This song caricatures a medieval setting, with an oppressive ruler in a high tower – who is overthrown by a wandering anti-hero who’s just as evil as he is (think of Clint Eastwood in High Plains Drifter). Such men – rulers and warmongers alike, prey upon the lives of others – essentially, upon the flesh and bone of the innocents. Often, they end up as the prey of yet another such as themselves – which seems ironically fitting, doesn’t it?

Bound To Leave Me

This song concerns the emptiness of one-night stands. What kind of a relationship values the freedom to leave over a commitment to stay?

My Sweet Maureen

Maureen is something of an ideal for a man (or, at least, any decent man). She’s soft and gentle, with a ready smile and supportive encouragements – yet in her feminine way she retains the pliant toughness of a willow bough.

She’s strong, yet gentle.

Most wives don’t realize that, if they are like Maureen, their husbands will do almost anything to please them. Maureen’s husband is made to feel like a hero, but he’s actually wrapped around her finger.

…and is all the happier for it.

The Lonely Girl

There are many lonely girls in this world – waiting for someone to rescue them – some bold and kindly hero who will lift from them their loneliness, and envelope them in a cocoon of love and devotion.

Girls, just make sure that you yourself are as true as the man you seek, and don’t settle for anything less. Be the kind of person that you want him to be.





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